Gabriela Blagoeva

efdler_stuttgart_gabriela_01Wohnort: Sofia, Bulgarien


Projekttitel, Projektnummer:
Choose Europe, 2007-DE-113

Bereich, Dienstzeit:
Anti-discrimination, Youth policies. 03.08.2009 – 03.08.2010

The Stuttgart Youth Organization gGmbH maintains and operates 41 institutions of open work projects with children and adolescents and has the necessary equipment to offer children, adolescents and young adults diverse opportunities for leisure activities, education, and communication. A key aim of our educational efforts is to emancipate young people. Thus, they will be able to be aware of their role in society and to take an active part in it. Thereby, the Stuttgart Youth Organization intends to increase the inclusion of adolescents and children into society’s tasks.


Ok! So far so good! I’ve been here for three months already…and, of course, I have my ups and downs but basically everything is exactly how it is supposed to be (almost:)). When I first arrived here I had a lot of prejudices against Germany and German people. The good old stereotypes!:))) Like for instance: German people are cold! Typical for them is the lack of emotions! They are snobbish and closed! In Germany everything is really strict and in perfect order! The streets are really clean and the people are robots!:))))). Well, in some way, these statements are really true, but most of the time they aren’t! Of course I can’t talk about the whole of Germany, ‚cuz so far I’ve been only here, in Stuttgart. I’m really glad that my prejudices are vanishing, or maybe I’m just adapting to their way of life:))).
I work with young People, who are musicians, or people, who are simply in love with music – such as myself. The working team is great – they are funny, interesting, and willing to help me in situations that are difficult for me.
Stuttgart is a nice city to visit. I’m still exploring it and still getting lost from time to time, not that it’s that big, it’s just that I’m really bad with orientation :))))). Fridays and Saturdays people go crazy – they party these two days without stopping and then come Sundays, and honestly it’s like silence of the lambs – that scary, like some ghost town :)))) – without residents. And then the week is almost the same as Sundays. So, basically that’s it in a few words.
I’m taking a German class, so I guess that the next text will be „auf Deutsch“:)).